I have always been blessed with a high metabolism.  I pretty much ate whatever I wanted my whole life – fast food, corndogs, candy – if it was fried or filled with sugar, you know I was taking all I could eat!

Yet, as I got older, I have begun to make certain changes in my caloric intake and the quantity of excerise I do.  It was an adjustment, but I have always liked to move and stay active and want to reward my body with healthy fuel to keep on moving.

If I hear something three times, I usually take heed.  I think that maybe it’s a sign from the Universe or God that I need to consider it.  I could not ignore my friends, trainers, and other fitness people tell that no matter how hard I workout, having a diet that consists of cookie dough and mountains of bread will get me no where. However, for years I was not willing to make the change to cut out my beloved sweets and switch it for a healthier choice.  I did not want to choose something different than comfort foods and fettuccini for dinner or brownie mix for dessert every night before bed.  I just wasn’t ready to make the sacrifice. 

Eventually, although not easily, I made the leap.  I cut down my sugar intake drastically… it honestly was at diabetic levels, but who can judge when sweets just tasted so good? I also gave up carbs and increased my proteins and fat.  I wasn’t total Keto, but I was close. 

Within three weeks I saw a difference in my looks and even felt better overall.  Now, of course, I’m not super rigid on any of this, but I am definitely more disciplined.   I still have my cheat moments but choose to eat differently rather than feel like I must eat differently. I see eating healthy as a tool to feel better each day, not just as a necessity in appearing the way I want to.

With a healthy diet, and balance, I am able to continue exercising and occasionally indulge in life’s sweet moments when they present themselves.

If we want to reach a new level, we need to be willing to put a little extra effort in, to make a sacrifice.  By getting up thirty minutes earlier, doing one more set of push ups, going to an extra training, getting to bed thirty minutes earlier – all of these little changes or commitments can make big differences in our lives.  When we choose to because we want to and don’t feel obligated, then our attitude is often better around it.  We are more likely to stick with it when we feel like we decide it.  

What are you willing to do to get to the next level?  How will you do it?