I was thinking about my journey as a divorced woman of over two years.  My ex-husband and I were together for more than 28 years of our lives and had two wonderful children.  Without him, the concept of going back into the dating world, navigating finances, and just overall adulting on my own scared me to death.  I didn’t want it.  I would have preferred to have my family together forever, but it wasn’t all in my control.  

Control…or lack of it!  That is what this event forced me to accept.  In various situations, I had to face the fact that I am not in total control.  I have control over my actions, my reactions, if I hold onto hurtful thoughts, and how I manage my feelings.  I do not have control over what happens to me.  I cannot control the timeline of certain events.  Some things require patience and trust in order for them to unfold the way they are meant.  

Life is that thing that happens when we’re planning it, so let go and let God. Remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be, God has a plan. I have clung tight to these words over the last few years.  I dabbled in studying different religions, reading the bible, praying, and overall growing my connection with the higher power. 

My take away from all this was a sense of freedom… a feeling that I can only do my part then I have to let go and allow life, God (for me), the universe to create.  Once I surrendered, I felt like the weight on my shoulders were lifted, and I could see all the joys of life that still surrounded me.

We cannot orchestrate everything in our life and expect a guarantee that it will follow suit to what we want, but we can live our life as full and whole as we possibly can. The key is to detach from the outcome, to stop looking for that perfection and live in the moment.  Focus on the journey, not the destination, and life will be a lot more enjoyable.