As February comes to a close, I thought I would comment one last time on abuse in relationships.  I am in a preventative mindset today.  Statistics tell us that people who come from an abusive family, where they have witnessed a parent dominant abuse their spouse or children, is more likely to abuse others.  Kids that were physically or mentally abused are at greater risk for continuing the behavior.  A family where one or more parent has, or continues to use, a substance also increases the risk.  Maybe we as a community can be called to find ways to support young families. By educating adults on coping skills and healthy communication tactics, we could influence a new type of interaction with family members.  Identifying and intervening where there are substance abuse issues could also make an impact on not only the individual, but the family as well.  If we identify and treat the family early, we can make an impact on future abuse in the community.  Healthy families create healthy individuals.  Healthy individuals make healthier families.